Steven Kasher Gallery Exhibit December 2013

3296-1We are pleased to announced that the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York will host an exhibit of photographs by Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux from December 12, 2013 through January 18, 2014.

An exhibit of some two-dozen vintage photographs and estate prints, titled “Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux: Brooklyn Boys,” will be presented in the intimate side gallery in conjunction with an exhibit of works by famed fashion photographer Roxanne Lowit.

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Brooklyn Boys 1: Carroll Gardens

BB_CoverBrooklyn Boys, the first monograph volume of Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux’s photography, was released in October 2013 in Europe, to be released the following month in the United States. It features over 160 of Fitzgerald’s noteworthy photographs and a biographical introduction from 12 years of research. Excerpts from the intro will be presented on this website in several parts. This is the first.

The diffuse light inside the photographer’s parents’ home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn illuminated a young man’s flesh differently than it did outside in broad daylight. On the street the sunlight was harsh. It blared like a delivery truck’s horn, sparked like a welding iron, crackled like a transistor radio on full volume. It matched the temper and bravado of the boys in their cars and on the basketball courts, at every moment proving its power to the neighborhood. But inside the photographer’s home, upstairs, where the young men removed their clothes, lit a cigarette and sat naked in a void between the pale wall and the photographer’s camera, the sun’s quiet illumination gave everything an honest focus, a sensual solitude. It poured through curtains of lace, airborne dust and fresh smoke, as it would through stained glass, providing the young men a silent retreat directed by a master of light and composition, and the photographer himself a focus for the many incongruities in his life between inside and out. In that space, the photographer created some of his most exquisite works of art.

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Read excerpts from “Brooklyn Boys” preface

4454-2We are pleased to present excerpts from the preface to the book Brooklyn Boys: Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux, written and edited by James Kempster and partner Robert Loncar.

Brooklyn Boys: Carroll Gardens

Brooklyn Boys: Early Photography

Brooklyn Boys: Richard Bennett

Brooklyn Boys: Les Demi Dieux

Brooklyn Boys: The Photography

See all the posts from the preface of Brooklyn Boys.

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Richard, Texas 1963

2611-3Richard Bennett was Danny Fitzgerald’s partner, both in business with their photography studio “Les Demi Dieux,” and in life for 40 years until Fitzgerald’s death in 2000.

This photograph was taken during one of their many travels together, and appears in the book Brooklyn Boys: Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux.

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Danny, 1962

4454-2This model was named Danny, and appears to have been a small fellow, with a long neck and square shoulders, vacillating from one frame to the next between tough, playful and gentle. He posed for Fitzgerald out on the street, on the basketball court, and in Fitzgerald’s home studio. Almost always shirtless in chinos. Almost always with a cigarette. The film roll is dated 1962.

This image appears in the book Brooklyn Boys: Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux.

Stef, 1963

3296-1Stef was a beautiful, blond athlete, whose father accompanied son on all of Danny Fitzgerald’s photo sessions. Amazing images of Stef on the Brooklyn playgrounds and in the woods were very popular in the physique magazines of the early 1960s.

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Johnny, Vinny, Carroll Gardens, 1963

1468As far as we know, Fitzgerald never printed this image. We found a short, four-frame strip of images of brothers Johnny and Vinny (second and fourth from left) smoking between two vintage cars with friends, on a street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The film roll was dated 1963.

This image appears in the book Brooklyn Boys: Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux.

Orest, 1960

14019-OrestOrest was Danny Fitzgerald’s early, rambunctious muse and apparently unrequited love-interest. This roll dates from 1960, the year before Orest joined the army.

Learn more about Fitzgerald’s early photography and Orest.

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Hector, 1963

1699-2Photographs of Hector Ramon appeared in few issues of The Young Physique and Demi Gods magazines. The film roll was dated 1963.

This image appears in the book Brooklyn Boys: Danny Fitzgerald and Les Demi Dieux.

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