Richard Bennett, Signing Photos, 2013

Richard Bennett, the photographer’s partner and muse, signing vintage photographs for the December exhibit at the Steven Kasher Gallery, NYC.


8 Comments on “Richard Bennett, Signing Photos, 2013

  1. Could you tell to Richard Bennett how I am pleased to see this picture of him ? Half a century after, I know very well when I bought magazines with his pictures. He was the only male model of whom I remember the name. This is a wonderful souvenir. Please, tell him how I thank him for what he represented for a lot of French young men. I hope that he had an happy life. The weather is bad in France today but this picture makes me happy. François

    • From France, Thank you for your answer to my message about Richard Bennett. I hope that the next signature session will be a great success for your gallery tomorrow. I would like to be in New York at this occasion. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Franois Le 24 nov. 13 06:55, Danny Fitzgerald & Les Demi Dieux a crit :

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  2. I am excited about this book!! I became acquainted with Danny’s pictures of Richard Bennett about 7years ago, and was mesmerized by not only Richard as a model, but the beautiful and artistic way Danny photographed his models. They are timeless, romantic and certainly ahead of their time
    Thank You for finally this wonderful forgotten photographer into the light where he belongs,
    I would love to see some more pics of Richard Bennett today, if any are available.

    • Thanks very much, JT!
      If you’re in New York, you can see many wonderful photographs of Richard in person at Steven Kasher Gallery. Otherwise, the best resource for the most Richard Bennett photos is definitely the book, beautifully printed, large format. Hope you enjoy!

    • Happy New Year to you and thank you for the preply you have written to an other admirer of Richard Bennett. As I have sent an e-mail and a letter to RB at your Gallery, I have understood that our “demi god” was not interested by his “public”. He is still a great souvenir and one of the best models I have admired.
      I hope that your exhibitions have a great success.
      Amitiés françaises

      • Merci François. Richard very much appreciated the letter that you sent to the gallery, but has not had the opportunity to reply. He works very hard and we have kept him busy with the book and exhibit. He was pleased to receive your letter and to hear your story.

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